Hey there!


My name is Oliver Klaewer and I’m a musician and retro enthusiast!


PAST: In the 80s and 90s, I had the privilege of crafting melodies for game developers like Kingsoft, reLine, EAS, Golden Games, Magic Bytes, Starbyte and others.


TODAY: I’m making “real” music from time to time in my private cozy little home studio.


This page shows the latest 8 bit music, remixes of 8 bit music and some experimental & orchestral stuff.


Best, Olli

“Stay in contact? Feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook.”


Game developers: If you need a great soundtrack for your game (from orchestral to hardstyle EDM music and beyond), please contact me: Olli@8BitMusicLove.com


You can find my music on all streaming platforms like apple, amazon, spotify, youtube and soundcloud. Simply search for “Oliver Klaewer”. Have fun. 

Latest C64 SIDs and related stuff
Oliver Klaewer - Full-Size Oompa Oompa
Oliver Klaewer Things From Back Then
Some of my old game tracks
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